The Four Elements

  1. I think the element of water best represents me. This is because water comes in many different forms depending on its environment just like how my personality comes in different forms depending on my environment such as the people I am around. For example if I am around a group of my friends that I have known for a while I tend to be more outgoing then if I am in class with new people where I tend to be more reserved. Water is also very calming which I feel like also relates to my personality.
  2. The landscape I love the most was the view I had from the plane when I went sky diving. I got to see all of Long Island through the clouds it was an insane view.
  3. The environmental implications interested me the most because I am interested in the environment and love all things nature so it will be interesting to see the ways that humans have affected the elements and to see how the elements interact out in the real world especially after being affected by climate change. Also I feel like the scientific categories may be interesting too because I feel like it can go hand in hand with the environmental implications topic.
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