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After reading the Snow and Ice section of our textbook, I was really drawn to MacAuley’s distress over the melting snowcaps and icebergs. I know that my last post was based on the environment as well but, the world is in trouble! Real trouble! The polar ice caps are more vital to the health of the planet than the general public believe. Many believe that there is nothing there. People are os wrong! There is a whole ecosystem found in the Arctic and in Antartica. There are many kinds of fish that only live in the freezing water, invertebrates that are being discovered every year and many microscopic and macroscopic organisms vital to the survival of other organisms. There are two very well known animals though: the polar bear and penguins. Polar bears and penguins are going extinct. That is the truth. There is no going around it. Organizations try and use these adorable animals to try and save the whole ecosystem because of the public sees an adorable animal in trouble, they are more inclined to help out. If the ice caps continue to melt, the oceans will become colder, killing off the sea animals found in tropical climate which will further cause the unbalancing of the elements on Earth. Moreso, the sea levels will rise, entering the land and causing issues on the land between sinking towns, destroying habitat and even causing more animals and plants to go extinct. I’m going to end with this…. Everything on this planet is interconnected. Earth is one big organism itself. If one area fades away and eventually disappears, the other areas reap consequences.

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  1. Kayla Myles says:

    PREACH!!! I definitely agree that the world is in real trouble and in this passage, there is a lot of distress about the icebergs and snowcaps melting. There’s no doubt that it is a serious problem. Climate change and the overall increase in atmospheric temperatures has led to this disaster and it is resulting in species of aquatic animals dying, an imbalance in earths elements, sea levels rising, destruction of land and land species, which you all mentioned. And of course there is something in the Arctic and Antartica despite what people believe. It is true that less humans inhabit these areas because of the extreme weather but that doesn’t render them useless or insignificant. There are ecosystems and life that need to be respected, cared for, and preserved. It’s not a waste of space, it’s essential to the planet. I LOVED how you ended your discussion and the comparison you made of earth being one big organism. It’s 100% accurate. Humans and animals have vital systems that all contribute to life. Without one of them, there is almost a domino effect and everything will fall apart and death will be prevalent. The same thing can be said about earth. There are different systems, or ecosystems, that all contribute to the prosperity and survival of the planet. If one of these are demolished, it will have an impact on the other systems and, most likely, it will be a catastrophic effect. The world will no longer be inhabitable.

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