Night Reflection

I find it fascinating how the darkness of night time is commonly associated with an eerie, creepy feeling. Scary stories are told at night, and monsters and ghosts come out in the dark. People are often afraid of the dark due to fear of the unknown, and what lies beyond our sight. However, while reflecting on night, I really thought about the contrasting connotations that it can have. It is a time for wonder and possibility. Although it can be eerie at times, I feel a sense of comfort in the darkness of late hours.

While reflecting on this idea, I’ve come to realize that throughout my teenage years, some of my greatest memories have been made at night. During long, stressful days at school, I’d always look forward to weekend nights with my friends. There was always something special about playing field hockey games under the lights in the darkness. Even though everything else was exactly the same, the darkness seemed to bring us all closer, and rather than making us tired it’d lift our spirits even more. During the summer, nights are always the best. I love the feeling of sitting around a warm fire on cool nights, having conversations that become deeper the later it gets. In the spring during the pandemic, my friends would meet up, separated in our cars as the sunset, catching up on life and making plans for when life goes back to normal. We would stay for hours into the night, and looking into the stars of the night sky gave me a sense of reassurance and positivity. I was somehow reminded that even during the dark times, everything was going to be okay eventually. Thinking about these experiences has led me to develop a greater appreciation for night, and the memorable feelings the darkness can bring about.

Photos from field hockey games at night under the lights!

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3 Responses to Night Reflection

  1. Kayla Myles says:

    I never even though about playing sports at night! Those were such good times and such great memories. There was always something about playing under the lights with a black sky around you that was mesmerizing and special. It was always really cool and unique. And you highlight great, positive associations with the nighttime. Late night drives with friends and bonfires are two experiences that I also love. Just blasting music and jamming with a sense of openness and freedom and deep talks by a warming and comforting fire…love it. “I was somehow reminded that even during those dark times, everything was going to be okay eventually.” This line basically defines life for the past 9 months. It’s extreme dark times but enjoying the little things and focusing on the small positives is what keeps people going.

  2. mdipalo says:

    I definitely agree those games at night hit different for some reason I just cant explain it!! And yeah I agree I LOVE summer nights! I would always look forward to a late night drive with my friends or just sitting around the fire having smores at night during the summer. There was just something so relaxing about it even if we were doing nothing just us hanging out under the stars we made some of the best memories. I also think I may be a little biased because I am not a morning person and I am more of a night person which is why I liked this topic so much.

  3. jcicero says:

    Yes!!! Many people associate the night with bad things but I feel so alive and at peace at night! Hanging out with people (and late night games) just feel so different and the ~vibes~ are amazing LOL. After the craziness of the day the night just feels like an escape.

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