Night- nocturnal animals

Something that always fascinated me with night is the type of animals that come out at night like all of the nocturnal animals. These are the animals that sleep during the day and are awake at night, sometimes I like to think of myself as nocturnal because especially during quarantine I would be up all night and then I would be sleeping in until 3pm. As Long Islanders we are especially aware of these nocturnal creatures especially if you have ever been driving at night. I know around me we have raccoons, deer, and opossums. And you have to be really careful because they just jump out at you. A really cute nocturnal animal I found is the kinkajou which is native to Central and South America and is sometimes referred to as a “honey bear.” And they enjoy eating figs. I included a picture of a kinkajou below. The reason many animals are nocturnal is because of how they survive whether it is easier to find food at night or they are trying to avoid being food for another animal. One example is how owls come out at night to hunt because they eat mice which are also out at night. There are lots of nocturnal animals out there, such as bats, that also use echolocation which is when they send out sounds and they listen for the sound to bounce off of something such as their prey or a wall so they do not bump into it. Also some animals are nocturnal because it is much cooler at night and they cannot handle the hot temperatures during the day.

Adorable Kinkajou, Potos flavus, with big cute eyes looking at the camera, sitting on the hand

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  1. jcampo says:

    oh my GOSH this is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life! I want one!

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