Heat and Cold – Seasons

I don’t think I’d be able  to pick a single season as my favorite; there is something within every season that makes it special. Summer has beach days, pool days, watermelon, and vacations. Fall has beautiful colors, changing leaves, bonfires, and sweatshirts. Winter has crisp air, snowmen, ice skating, and hot cocoa. Spring has rainstorms, rainbows, warm air, and picnics.

Every season has unique characteristics and common events that allow us to look forward to it. However, there’s something about the change of seasons that has a special place in my heart, making me feel something unmatched by any single season.

When summer changes to fall, we get to witness the leaves in the trees slowly, but surely, change color. They fall to the ground, reminding us of the approaching weather. We see animals preparing themselves for cold air, gathering food to store for later. We’re able to break out the heavier clothing, and we get to go school shopping in preparation of school in the coming months.

When fall changes to winter, pretty much all of the leaves have fallen off the trees. Christmas music plays for the first time on the radio, and holiday cheer begins to spread. My mom makes the first batch of holiday cookies, and the first snowflakes begin to fall from the sky.

When winter changes to spring, the most beautiful and notable season changes take place. One of the most indelible feelings for me is going outside and being able to feel the warmth of the sun again. This feeling never gets old, even though we experience it every year. There’s something about warmth that makes humans feel comforted, as though everything is falling into place. Animals feel this comfort too, coming out of hibernation and resuming their daily activities. The ground defrosts and flowers bloom; this season change to me is especially satisfying.

I love watching Cherry Blossoms bloom; It is definitely my favorite part of the season change from winter to spring.


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