Ice and Snow

I think it really interesting the difference between peoples relationship with ice compared to their relationship with snow. I know that sounds odd since they usually come hand in hand but I feel like people have such different reactions and feelings towards each thing. When you think of snow, especially as a kid, you think of beautiful sparkling white blankets, the quiet that comes with the morning after a fresh snowfall, the excitement of a snow day, and the versatility of it as you watch kids, or you yourself, build forts and snowmen, have snowball fight, and sled down huge hills. Overall, unless you really hate the snow, people generally have a positive reaction to snow, while ice on the other hand is a totally different story. When you think of ice typically you think of huge foreboding glaciers, danger or inconvenience, having to salt the roads and be extra careful where you walk. That’s not to say when people think of ice they can’t think of its beauty or look at snow and see it as annoying or an inconvenience but, it’s interesting to think how things so similar can have such different reactions in people’s minds.

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