Ice and Snow

After reading the section on ice and snow I had this realization that there are some people in the world who have not seen snow in person before, which baffles me because as a Long Islander I am just so used to seeing snow. I just thought it was crazy how some people have never had a snow day and got to experience that childlike experience of seeing freshly fallen snow on their front lawn. Snow days were always my favorite not because we didn’t have school but because I was able to spend the whole day out in the snow. I would make igloos/snow forts, have snowball fights with my siblings, make snowmen, and go sledding. It was always such a blast and at the end of the day because I would go inside and warm up with some hot chocolate. The other part of the reading that caught my attention was how powerful ice is. I remember when I was younger my grandpa would drive his car over this frozen lake upstate. I thought it was insane that the ice did not break! I also love to go ice skating in the winter too and its crazy that so many people were allowed on the rink at the same time and it wouldn’t break. But you also have to be careful because ice is not always fun for example there is black ice which can be very dangerous especially when you are driving and you may not see it on the road and your car could spin out of control.

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