One of my favorite parts of this interstice was when Macauley said that ice and snow “encourage mental ruminations.” This statement immediately shifted my thoughts towards winter. As we know, the winter months bring about weather foreign to the rest of the year. Typical of the season, snow facilitates endless possibilities depending on its consistency; that being slushy, sticky, etc. When I was younger, and even now, ‘sticky snow’ brought me the most joy as it entailed snowball fights, ‘igloo’ building, and snowmen creations. For hours my brother and I would play outside trying to recreate the snowball fight game from Wii Sports Resort or attempting to build architecture so large to which the sandcastles of July and August could not compare. My very own imagination that has been brought to life by snow and ice over the years, as Macauley says, is one that not only brings out the creativity within one but allows for genuine euphoria.

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