In this interstice, Macauley discusses the idea of a type of clarity that only the clouds can provide. He says that “the earth…draws moist thoughts down by force into itself [and that] the same process takes place” in air. Almost immediately I was brought back to a tranquil experience of mine. This idea of lucidity is one that exists only when one is among the clouds. In the past, when I’ve been on planes flying 10,000 plus feet in the air, it has felt as if some sort of atmosphere was created, one impossible for creation on earth. You’re sort of trapped in the air since the only way out is the end of the flight after landing; this is not a bad thing, it forces you to think. At that moment, you can’t control anything other than your physical being. If things need tending to, they must wait the hours it will be until you land. You’re left with nothing but a time for simplistic reflection and thought; something that typical everyday living, unfortunately, does not allow for.

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