I think it’s amazing to think about all the unique things humans have done with the elements/nature. Since it’s winter time, I thought the topic of ice would be relevant when considering this idea.

I went on a cruise a few years ago, and on the ship there was an ice bar. I hadn’t heard of this before, but my family was intrigued so we decided to go. When we went inside, we were amazed to see how basically everything was made of ice– the chairs, the bar itself, and the cups, were all ice. There were also elaborate ice sculptures inside the bar. There was even a time limit on how long each group could stay in there since it was so cold. I was fascinated by how something so intricate could be made from something as simple as ice. This is the case with many things found in nature, yet we often don’t consider how amazing it truly is that something so mesmerizing can be made from something completely natural.

Here are some photos from the ice bar on the cruise ship!

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  1. jcampo says:

    This is SOOO cool! The fact that someone can take an element and turn it into art is amazing. I can’t believe the entire room is made out of ice! I can barely make an igloo after it snows LOL

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