I think it’s interesting how clouds have the power to influence our moods by the way they change the sky. When there are dark, stormy clouds in the sky, we tend to associate them with a gloomy, sad feeling. Yet when the sky is clear, we tend to be happier and more awake. For me, they often provoke wonder and never fail to amaze me. I think it’s so cool how at different times of day, the clouds appear to be different colors due to the sun. I love taking pictures and capturing different moments and memories through the sky. I included some photos I’ve taken above to share some experiences when the beauty of the sky and the clouds has made me happy!

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  1. jcampo says:

    When I was younger I was in North Carolina (traveling to Florida) and got caught in a really bad storm with my family where there were several tornados. We had to get out of the car and take shelter under an overpass. A few years later the same thing happened again (my family has terrible luck with weather!), and the ceiling of the Walmart we took shelter in fell. Afterwards, I couldn’t even look at the clouds because I was terrified I’d see them start to spin again. If they so much as even looked dark and gloomy I’d have bad anxiety and beg my family to stay inside. Now, I love looking at the clouds and even enjoy storms once and a while! I agree with you in that they fill us with wonder and are different colors throughout the day! I like to lay on my back in the grass and look at them for hours.

    • ewoolsey says:

      That’s crazy that this happened to your family twice! I wouldn’t ever want to look at the sky again after going through that. It’s definitely an interesting story to tell after the fact though!!

  2. scain says:

    I completely agree that clouds can influence your mood. On cloudy days, I tend to not be in as good of a mood, but when the sky is clear of clouds, I’m much happier. I love the photos you included, I also love to take cool pictures of the sky!

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