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When reading about clouds in this chapter, it triggered memories that I didn’t even know I had. I remember vividly laying down on the grass in my backyard with my sister for hours just staring at the clouds. We would make hour long stories about the penguins on a slide or bunnies riding a motorcycle. I also remember when my sister and I would spin a lot and then fall to the ground to see who could name the cloud images the fastest… but I think that was just me being a weird child. Clouds are so entrancing. It really showcases the human imagination and the diversity between each other.Perfect Wolf Cloud | Clouds, Nature, Nature pictures

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Clouds we also such a big motif in the Disney movie Up. In the movie, a man who lost his wife and was feeling particularly lonely decided to fulfill his dream, attach his house to a large amount of balloons and float away into the clouds. Clouds resemble freedom, new opportunities, and sometimes a divine source. Just like how clouds aren’t always the big puff balls of cotton candy we seem to connotate them with, his adventure wasn’t all smooth sailing. He had a lot of bumps in the road or dark clouds to go through. Clouds seem to be the element most mysterious and dream like. Maybe it is not a bad thing to have “your head in the clouds”.

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3 Responses to Clouds reflection

  1. wcturgeon says:

    I had forgotten this movie, but great reference to the role of clouds as symbols.

  2. jcandia says:

    STOP! I love UP Isabel!!!!!! It’s so totally one of my favorite movies of all times!! I love that you connected that to your discussion!

  3. sdodenhoff says:

    I loved how you found a way to correlate the representation of clouds in movie compared to real life to the journey the they went on in UP. I also just love the movie UP.
    Great job!!!!

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