Walking in the Clouds

When I went to Hawaii a few summers ago with my parents we took an 8 hour trip to a black sand beach which took us through the mountains. We saw many different hiking trails, waterfalls, coconut stands where you could actually drink out of a coconut (it was gross), and we also got to stop a view spots where you would look down on towns and such from the top of the mountains. The mountains were so high up that you actually were not allowed to take rental cars up there without making sure that there was antifreeze in the engine since it is not usually needed in Hawaii since it is always warm. Anyways, while at some of these scenic views you were driving through the clouds and we got out a few times and got to stand and walk around in them. It was like a very heavy fog and I remember how cold it was and how heavy the air kind of felt. It was so cool to drive through them because you would just look out the window and see that you were in a cloud. I tried to find a picture from the photo book my mom made but I sadly was not able to.

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  1. Kayla Myles says:

    Going to a black sand beach has always been on my bucket list but now I think I want to add walking/driving through a cloud! It sounds like such a cool experience and I would love to just feel the sensations from such a unique element, the thickness, cold temperature, and blurred vision. This interaction truly intrigues me.

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