I thought reading on clouds was very interesting, and immediately started thinking about the beautiful clouds I’ve seen.  There are so many different types of clouds, some being so interesting and special but even the clouds we see every day are so pretty. After reading I started to research types of clouds that aren’t commonly seen. One type of cloud that I think is very special is called the fallstreak hole cloud, which is a cloud formation with an empty gap in in the middle of the clouds. After doing some research I found that the hole is caused when water vapor below its freezing point has not yet formed into ice, the surrounding droplets evaporate and this leaves an empty ring in the middle of the clouds. These clouds are also known as hole punch clouds, and the image I found shows a beautiful hole punch cloud which formed as the sun was setting, creating stunning colors. I also found an image of the cloud formation with a rainbow forming in the gap, which I thought was very pretty!

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  1. wcturgeon says:

    Gorgeous images; I have never witnessed this phenomenon. Has anyone?

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