Burn or Freeze

Would you rather… a game many people played as kids. Normally very silly in nature and downright ridiculous but sometimes something serious slips through:

“Would you rather burn to death or freeze to death?”

Burning to death… excruciating pain everywhere begging for a moment of relief as the pain increases flesh burned, blood lost, organs failed, until it is finally over. Agonizing pain in your final moments as you wait for this eternity to end.


Freezing to death… shivering and coldness everywhere struggling for a moment of warmth until you no longer feel cold, you no longer feel anything. Relaxing into your final moments as you drift to sleep.


The question has no right answer and makes us question what we previously know.

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2 Responses to Burn or Freeze

  1. Kayla Myles says:

    When playing “would you rather” when I was younger, I would always ask this question. Would you rather burn or freeze to death? My answer, without a doubt, is FREEZE! Like you said, the human body will become so cold that it becomes numb and the individual can no longer feel anything. I would much rather lose my life to the cold than face excruciating and agonizing burning of the heat. As brutal as it sounds, I think freezing would be peaceful, especially when compared to burning.

  2. wcturgeon says:

    Can I elect neither?

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