Light and Shadows

Perhaps my favorite interstice is the essay on light and shadow.  Mostly because shadows seem such insignificant and yet overpowering testimonies to the presence of reality.  Casting a shadow guarantees my reality, my real presence.  In Richard Strauss’ lush and beautiful opera Die Frau Ohne Schatten the lead character sells her shadow, thereby brining about her inability to have a child, to make a lasting difference in the world.  Yes, it is a mythic claim and perhaps it sounds silly in this age where we see children as a choice, an option.  But in an ancient society where humans were scarce, a child was the gift of the future.

Pindar, the Roman poet, described a man as “the dream of a shadow” and a lovely column in the New York Times used his evocative phrase to introduce a short film of shadow images walking on the pavement.

Maauley’s essay takes us from scientific definitions of the umbra/penumbra, the role of light in life from photosynthesis to establishing our circadian rhythms. Here are some images to identify.  See if you can find his references in the essay.

Visit the page dedicated to the shadow.

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5 Responses to Light and Shadows

  1. tvillez says:

    I think this is probably the most amazing video with shadows that I have ever seen.

  2. Mary Beth says:

    I looked up the gloaming and L’heure bleu. Apparently the difference is that the gloaming is only at dusk or twilight whereas L’heure bleu can be either dusk or right before dawn.
    Here is a photographers website who is dedicated to taking pictures only during these times.

  3. Rachel Russak says:

    This is a link to Lindsey Stirling and her video with shadows. Since we all enjoyed Crystallize, I thought this one is cool to because it relates to our topic!

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