Villains and Lighting in Disney Movies

So I know Julianna Cicero mentioned in class today how lighting and the color of it is important in cinematography and this reminded me of something someone once pointed out about villains in Disney movies. Most of the time, the animators portray the villains with green lightning to help them look more intimidating. This image I found online shows many examples:

Pin on Disney, Where Dreams Begin

I also find it interesting that Dr. Facilier, the villain from Princess and the Frog, is an example where both lightning and shadows were important to portray him as the villain. During his main song, the color green and green lighting is prominent, as seen here:
dr facilier - Google Search | Evil disney, The princess and the frog,  Disney villains     Analyzing the Disney Villains: Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog)
But also shadows play an important role in his portrayal as a villain, because he is also seen with shadows, often when he’s scheming, like so:
    Facilier's Shadow | Wickedpedia | Fandom

Overall, I find that using both lighting and shadows in movies can be incredibly effective, especially when trying to enhance the intimidation factor of a villain.

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  1. sdodenhoff says:

    That is so cool how you saw how the villains all have a green lighting around them, I never noticed before.

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