The Four Elements

As we begin our journey around the natural world by visiting/revisiting aspects of the physical world, we start with the introduction and chapter 1 of Elemental Philosophy.

For our week we will explore the associations of fire, earth, air, and water as we find them in the first chapter.   Think about:

1. Which element represents you best?

2. Choose a favorite landscape, a place that you love most of all and find a photo of it to share.

3. Which ideas of those four basic aspects of nature  interested you the most?
philosophical connections
religious associations
scientific categories
the historical and cultural adaptations and relations
the environmental implications

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1 Response to The Four Elements

  1. bfranchino says:

    1. I think the element of Earth most represents me because like the element of Earth I am always growing and making connections to the people around me and keeping those connections how plants are always growing and connecting the very environment around us with roots that spread out.

    2. I really like being at the beach with sun coming down and the cool water to cool you down and the amazing ocean breeze that you are able to breathe in. I always enjoy being at the beach because it is always a great place to relax and really loosen up.

    3.I think the idea of religious associations interested because I follow the christian religion myself and in many religions the aspect of nature and the elements is used in many teachings.

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