The Four Elements

1. The element that I feel best represents me is water. Water can be very tranquil and calm but in certain settings it can be powerful and exciting. This is similar to me because I am shy and calm but when I’m with the right people and I feel comfortable I can be very talkative and energetic. Water is also constantly in motion, even when it seems calm. Similarly I am constantly flowing through life and working through any challenges or obstacles I face.

2. My favorite landscape is this lake in Myrtle Beach, just a block away from my grandparent’s house. Whenever we go to visit them I spend time at the lake and it gives me a feeling of calmness and tranquility. Also since I’ve been going there for so long it brings back so many memories with my family, and it is definitely one of my favorite places.







3. I’m most interested in religious associations because I’d love to learn more about how everything in nature was made and is connected from a religious standpoint. It’s a topic that I’m excited to learn more about as we study each aspect of nature.

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