The Beauty of Snow and Ice

After reading the section on snow and ice, it reminded me how beautiful snow and ice can be. This can be right after a blizzard or snowstorm, and when you look outside, all you see is a layer of white covering everything. It gives off so much light and looks so peaceful. People love the beauty of snow and ice so much, that in modern times, “ice hotels” have been created all over the world. An ice hotel is like no other ordinary hotel; the structure itself is made of snow and ice. Guests who stay at these hotels stay in rooms made of snow and ice, and only some things, like beds and couches, are not made of snow. They are truly a sight to see and is a unique experience to stay in one. Currently, there is only one ice hotel in North America, which is located in Quebec City, called “Hotel de Glace”. It is only open from January to March, so the hotel quite literally does not melt. Here are some pictures of the rooms and the outside of the hotel!

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  1. wcturgeon says:

    Wow, I wonder what it is like to stay in these rooms. One of you will have to try and report back, once we can travel again.

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