Stone abides.  It instantiates the solidity of the earth underneath our feet.  It endures.  Or does it too evolve and change into something else?  The following images represent some of the examples that you will find discussed in Macauley’s interstice on Stone.  Chose an image to offer a comment upon.  What does stone connote to you?



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  1. ewerner says:

    I really like the top middle and right images (from what it looks like they’re taken from the same place) because I think it’s cool how the walkways surround that giant statue and all of it is carved from stone. I’m curious as to who the statue represents if it is a particular person or if it just represents “man” in general. Also, the green plants growing among the stone just makes the scene so beautiful and colorful.

  2. shenry5 says:

    I remember learning about Easter Island in elementary school. It was one of those things that has always just stuck with me because I am so fascinated by it. It amazes me how just little detail so accurately depicts a face. I also love their permanence and how they have just been part of the world for so long. I would love to travel to them one day and see them in person. Something about them is so mysterious yet so calm and I am very fascinated by them.

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