Stone is a really cool element in nature that people often don’t appreciate as much as others. Stones seem so simple, and when I think of them initially, I see them as dull and boring. However, if you really study them and think in depth, you can actually discover some pretty cool things. I’ve been to Bermuda twice, and each time my family visited the Crystal Caves. I had never seen anything like them, and when I went there for the first time it was breathtaking. It was so cool to see something that looked so ancient in modern day, knowing that it looked so similar a very long time ago. The tour guide explained the history of the caves by telling us how they were discovered, teaching us about the type of stone, etc. The second time I went, I walked around and observed the sights around me, and believe it or not it was just as interesting. I noticed new things as I walked around, and was just amazed by the entire experience. I’m definitely not an earth science or geology person, but seeing the caves in Bermuda really captured my interest and is something I’ll never forget!

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