Space is really fricken huge

I know we watched a couple of videos in class to compare the scale of different things in the universe, but I remembered watching this video a while ago and thought it would be a cool addition. Watching these videos can put our lives in a whole new perspective and can make things look bleak in the sense that we are but specks in an ever-expanding universe. But we’re here now and our actions can affect those around us and we can have people we love and that love us back, and even though the universe seems huge there’s still so much to do and explore on earth!


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  1. wcturgeon says:

    Wow, that is wonderfully done. Thanks for posting this.

  2. iagostinelli says:

    I now feel really small and really big at the same time. The camera going into her eye was very unexpected. Thanks haha

  3. Kayla Myles says:

    Wow. I loved this video. It’s crazy to think about things on such a vast and microscopic level. Compared to the entire galaxy, one can lose their sense of worth, or importance, or purpose to existing. It’s hard to believe that my own life means anything and that I make a difference when I am such a small part of a huge system. However, when looking at the human body on a microscopic level, you realize that the little things are important, the sum is greater than the individual parts. For instance, when examining the human eye on such a microscopic level you realize that without the atoms, DNA, fibers, and more, the eye ball wouldn’t exist. And without an eyeball, people wouldn’t have any vision. Without vision, life would be significantly challenging and dangerous and unattractive. When viewing it from this perspective, you realize that the teeny tiny factors are big contributors to a larger concept. Humans are like the atoms of the eye, while the universe is like the system of the human body. Although we are small in comparison, our importance is equal.

  4. shenry5 says:

    This was so amazing to watch! These are the types of things I cannot wrap my head around and if I think about it too much it hurts! It is so interesting to learn about.

  5. hcelona says:

    It is very scary to think of just how small we are and even earth is in comparison to space. Thank you for sharing this video I absolutely loved it.

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