Skating on the Lake

A few years ago, my family built a small house in the Poconos, within a community called Arrowhead Lake. We go down there often and like to go canoeing and kayaking. A few summers ago, I even learned how to paddleboard, which is my personal favorite summer activity. My family would mainly visit during the warmer seasons, until we found out that during winter our community hosts events on the frozen lake! For Christmas that year,  I got a pair of ice skates. I used to be the type of person who grips onto the side of every ice skating rink with fear of falling. However, I was determined to improve my skating skills so I would be ready when the lake froze. That winter, my family and I had so much fun skating. Our community played Christmas music and even set up a hot chocolate stand in the middle of the lake! This is just another reason for me to get super excited in anticipation of December and colder seasons: I can’t wait for snow, ice, skating, and Christmas! 😊⛸❄I don’t have a picture of the lake frozen over, but here’s a picture of it in general so you can get an idea:

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  1. wcturgeon says:

    Did you take this photo? Awesome image. I am glad to see someone relishing the coming winter. That might not be me. Then again, after rereading the section on Ice and snow, I am rethinking winter.

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