Shadow People

For me when I hear the word shadow I get super creepy vibes from it. On halloween my older cousins would always tell spooky stories about shadow people and would try to scare me. Shadow people are simply shadows that look like people out of the corner of your eye. Even though nothing may be there, these shadow people can be very real to the people who have experienced seeing one of these things. This is extremely terrifying to me!! I would definitely not want to be someone who has seen one of these. Usually it is just people’s eyes playing tricks on them but there are stories out there with extreme detail about seeing one of these shadow people. Your peripheral vision is usually the cause for “seeing” one of these but more recently people have been seeing these with more detail making it very believable. Many people are very skeptical of these shadow people. People say that it could just be due to someones sleep paralysis, if they are in an extreme emotional state, or if they are sleep deprived. Or it could be just your peripheral vision playing tricks on you, which makes sense. There are rumors that these shadow people could be either aliens, or ghosts, or demons. There is also said to be a shadow person called “The Hat Man” and he is said to be seen wearing a top hat and a suit. The whole concept of shadow people in generally is just super creepy and scary to me!

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  1. wcturgeon says:

    I have never heard of “the Hat Man;” has anyone else?

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