Philippine Mythology and the Stars (Article in Comments)

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  1. ghayes says:

    With the focus on stars and the night sky, I wanted to post the full story of the star goddess from the Philippines. There are multiple deities associated with the stars in the Philippines since there are multiple groups with different creation stories, but this is one is about the goddess Lisuga. Lisuga was the grandaughter of Kaptan and the youngest of her siblings, with three older brothers. She was the sweetest of her siblings, and she had a body made of pure silver. Her eldest brother became prideful and coerced her siblings into overthrowing their grandfather, Kaptan. The three brothers were struck down, and Lisuga, caught in the crossfire of her grandfather’s anger, shattered into a thousand silver pieces. Mournful for what they did, they turned the pieces of her body into the stars, and she became a protector goddess of the night sky who helped travelers navigate the oceans by using the stars to guide them.

    Lisuga – by Michael Cajes (There was a image here just pretend it was here)

  2. wcturgeon says:

    I don’t think we can post images in comments. 🙁

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