Light and Shadow

Light and shadow caught my attention in ways the other elements have not. To add to the idea of the domestication of the elements, shadow has not only been domesticated by humans but also represented in ways other elements have not. Like almost anything, the drawing of any object if is possible through the use of writing utensils. While one can draw the frozen form of water and depict the flames of a fire, “shadow” acts almost as a verb in the artistic world. While in art classes in high school, I was told constantly to shadow on my graphite projects. There were even special tools that helped for the blending of this shadowing process to ultimately depict shadow in its elemental form. This was an interesting idea to look at considering this is not a prominent concept concerning most elements, for example, how there is no such thing as ‘wooding’ or ‘stoning’ something, as most elements only exist as nouns, however, “shadow”, while being a ‘thing’, is also an action!

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