Ice and Snow Reflection

Normally, when we think of ice and snowfall, we think of it as ice and snow. However, there are so many different types that have different meanings. Some forms of snowfall are blizzards, flurries, squalls, thundersnow, lake effect snow, and others. On the ground, snow is also found in a variety of forms such as slush, powder, rust, corn, firn, and others. Our experience with snow is limited to our vocabulary. Eskimos possess many different words for ice and snow to distinguish the different kinds. Thus, they possess a better understanding of their environment and can better interact with it. This can be said for many things including wood and even colors. Most people have limited words to describe colors, but an artist can be much more specific in naming colors since they have a wider vocabulary. The more we know about something, the more we can appreciate and better understand the world around us.


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