Ice and snow

Winter has always been my favorite season. I think the best part of the winter is the snow. Even the most hideous of places can be transformed into something beautiful when covered in snow. One place that specifically comes to mind is New York City in the winter time. This is not to say the city is not beautiful, but it is very artificial. Everywhere you turn there are man-made structures accompanied by very little nature. I feel that snow in New York City brings about a new natural beauty to the city that it would not otherwise have. As you stare up you can see the beams of man-made light spreading across the sky and within those beams of light are snowflakes. They so gently fall down until they hit the pavement, not even having the chance to accumulate because of the constant movement throughout the city. I find it so fascinating because in a place full of so much hustle and bustle, tiny frozen bits of water bring so much beauty and tranquility and change the entire image of what we see.

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