Heat and Cold Reflection

After reading about heat and cold, one thing that I have been thinking of is how subjective heat and cold are. What one person considers hot or cold could be completely different in another person. For instance, in the winter, most people in New York are pretty cold when the temperature is below freezing. However, there are some people who still wear shorts (there are multiple high school boys I’ve seen that wear shorts all year round). Also, people are used to different temperature ranges. In Florida, for example, 60 degrees Fahrenheit might be considered cold, but New Yorkers consider that a nice temperature. I also find it interesting how our body becomes accustomed to different temperatures at the end of a season. For me, when it first hit 50 degrees, I thought it was freezing. However, at the end of the winter, 50 degrees feels warm. Another thing I find interesting is how people feel most comfortable in different temperatures when sleeping. Some people prefer to be cool when they sleep while others, including myself, prefer to be warm. In the summer, I only have is the air conditioner in my parents’ room across the hall. I have a fan, but I don’t even use it most of the time. When it is colder out, I use 2 or even 3 blankets (It doesn’t help that I get cold very easily).

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