Frozen and it’s Pre-Development (Article in Comments)

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  1. ghayes says:

    (Hi Prof. Turgeon. So this is on a separate computer and it’s still not publishing. I’m just going to add everything down below as a comment like I mentioned before. It sucks bc I have a bunch of images I wanted to post with them but it’s not working. :/)

    For most people, people know the story of Frozen and that it centered around the story of Anna and Elsa. It’s probably less well known that the concept of the film was actually developed during the 50’s while Walt Disney was still alive. Early though the studio struggled with developing the story and the concept of the original story, Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. The film idea for it existed and continued to be kicked around in the 80s and 90s under Michael Eisner, but even that fell through, with the story concept continuing to languish in development hell until 2012. With the movement forward on the project, multiple concepts were posited, with some following the original material more closely, with Anna and Elsa, the Snow Queen being completely unrelated and the Snow Queen being the villain of the story. Other concepts, like the Snow Queen (Elsa) and Anna being sisters and Elsa’s redemptive/sympathetic storyline were established and then were used in the design elements. With the concept art for the preproduction team, earlier watercolor and salt art from the 50’s concept team was used as a reference for the 2012 team, with lots of the art sticking to cool blue tones and focusing on icy motifs of icicles, snow, crystalline snowflake patterns and flurries that carried through even to the final product, with the final designs mixing both Nordic patterns and snow-related designs.

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