Element associations

This post is kinda going to be a combination post for heat and cold and light and shadow, and honestly all the elements and topics we talked about so far. I know that sounds really excessive, but I mostly just wanted to touch on how we always associate certain things to certain elements. For hot and cold, or fire and ice, for example, we can see a clear difference in not only how the elements are but how there represented in life and used in our daily lives. To elaborate we tend to associate fire and heat with things like anger as we refer to people as “hot headed” when we mean they’re quick to temper and with ice, we think of detachedness and solidarity. Those who are labeled “cold” have a reputation for being outsiders or not inviting. This is seen in all the elements like how earth is associated with stubbornness and air is associated with people who just go with the flow and aren’t held to any one thing.

The same can be seen in light and shadow. Normally you associate shadows with distrust or being secretive as things can easily been hidden in the shadows. On the opposite side with light we tend to associate it with truthfulness and being good. Throughout many different religions, including christianity, many of the deities that represent goodness are surrounded by light while those who are suppose to represent evilness are shrouded in darkness

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