As it turns out, I’m either not the greatest at managing my time, or I’m not great at estimating how much time some work will take. No matter the case, one of these two (or the combination of the two) have caused to me to pull several all-nighters in the past, and I must proclaim that all-nighters are probably the most calm and productive that I ever am. I haven’t pulled one in quite a while, as one of my dearest friends doesn’t like when I pull them as she’s read that it can harm my health and heart in the long run, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not an advocate for all-nighters. Typically I don’t drink warm drinks, as I’m rather physically sensitive and I just burn myself and ruin the entire experience for myself, but making myself a cup of peppermint tea, throwing a couple of ice cubes into my mug, and throwing on earbuds with my tunes on for upwards of four of five hours nonstop has lead to some of my best work. I will say that I do feel very tired in the day following, but that just makes sense as I don’t take naps, meaning that I was powering two days of living on one session of sleep and a cup of tea. I should also say that whenever I drink tea, it causes me either chest pain or heart pain, I can’t tell which one. I would like to make the claim that this is connected to the tea and not the all-nighter however, as I have pulled all-nighters before for reasons other than getting schoolwork done and usually during those, I’m not in my house and therefore have no access to tea. Judging by the conversations we’ve had in classes, it’s fair to say that the majority of my classmates are night people similar to myself, and to them I say this: If you haven’t pulled an all-nighter before and you’ve had some stress and work building up, I’d say to try it at least once. Put on some comfortable pajamas, get your favorite blanket, and make sure you’re seating in a chair at a table or a desk so that you are less likely to pass out. Grab your school bag, your hot drink of choice, and your earbuds and allow yourself to fall victim to the night and do some of the best, stress-free work of your life. Just please don’t like it too much, I heard it could be bad for your health if you do it to much… and don’t tell my friend Haley that I endorsed pulling all-nighters or she will most certainly end my life.

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  1. Kayla Myles says:

    Not gonna lie, I kinda want to try pulling an all nighter now…It seems to be a unique experience that NEEDS to be performed at least once in your lifetime. The peace, silence, freedom and large amount of time is probably really rewarding and helpful. Maybe I’ll try tonight!

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