Heat and Cold

“Between the melting and the freezing, the soul sap quivers.”  T. S. Elliot, as quoted in Macauley on p. 207.

Heat and cold, while relative experiences of molecular movements and atmospheric states, are an intimate part of our every moment.  We all know how cold some of the  classrooms can be here. And perhaps a scant three months ago you might have been complaining in the sweltering heat.  We people who live in temperate climes love the middle states: spring with its welcome warming and autumn with its cooling breezes and crisp clear nights.  But what of our fellow humans and mammals that live in extremes?  What is life like in the tropics?  In the far northern (or southern?) extremes of the planet?

Greta Erlich, a writer and novelist, has explored living in northern Greenland.

How many associations can you think of or find for the terms of heat and cold?  Consider the following links as suggestions:

yoga,  Heraclitus,  Innuit world,  technology,  foods,  McCluhan,  Emerson,  Greek physicians,  colors, moods.  Others?

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