Clouds: part II

Under our header of Air you will find  a  page which invites you to think about Clouds.  This post will invite you to explore cloud imagery as suggested by David Macauley and by myself.  Can you identify the images that connect to the text?  The reference images are followed by some images from me.  What feeling tone does each picture give you?



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8 Responses to Clouds: part II

  1. scorr says:

    So the second and third pictures in the first row have an eerie and mysterious feeling because you can’t really see what else is in the picture.

  2. abonkoski says:

    The picture with the eye is a little creepy. I really don’t know how I feel about that. The third and fourth picture remind me of bad weather or bad times. It looks dark and gloomy.

  3. ekidney says:

    I like the pictures where the clouds are sort of pink and purple because of a sunset or sunrise. I find that now that I know that the colors are only so beautiful because of air pollution, it has almost ruined them for me. Does anyone else take this into account?

  4. jpost says:

    I love the pictures with the pink and purple clouds as well, Elizabeth! I had no idea that pollution was the cause of the beautiful colors. Sunrises and sunsets are some of the most amazing events in the world, in my opinion!

    • EKidney says:

      I think they really are amazing. What is also incredible is that something so beautiful happens every day. I heard that pollution is the cause of the colors, maybe it isn’t true though. Although I think I remember Professor Turgeon saying something about how she remembers how beautiful the sunsets were after 9/11, so maybe it is.

  5. Rachel Russak says:

    I think clouds are some of the most beautiful aspects of nature. There is nothing more breathtaking to me than an amazing sunset captured by the blanket of clouds. These picture inspire awe in me. I can see why people thought clouds were heaven, because to me they seem so not of our world! They also can bring foreboding, as we can see in storm clouds.

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