Snow Storm

In celebration of this wonderful snow storm, I will be taking us back to three years ago when NY got hit with another big snow storm. I absolutely hate the snow because I always have to shovel, and nobody helps me at all. They come outside and grab a shovel, but stop after 5 minutes because they are tired and go play instead. Finally once I am done cleaning the sidewalk and driveway my little sister makes me build her a ramp to slide down.



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Indoor Swimming Without Water

Yes you read the title correctly. I have indeed performed indoor swimming without water. You ask how? Well its simple, I put my googles and swim cap on, and did exactly as Michael Phelps would do. I mean the guy has 28 gold medals for a reason, who else would I replicate. I will attach the videos below, but leave you with this. The post is related to water, but there is no water. In this scenario my mind imagined that it was in a swimming pool, and my body did the rest.



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Cliff Jump

The most beautiful nature experience I ever had was cliff jumping at fawns leap. It was the same area I saw the beast baby bear. The water was so fresh it seemed to be one of the only places with clean water I had ever seen in NY. This was my first time cliff jumping, but I’ve never been scared of heights so I jumped without hesitation. I would definitely recommend visiting if you love water, and cliff jumps. Despite this, if you’re scared of heights you should definitely not go anywhere near here. The jumps ranged from 50 to 90 feet. The second jump hurt cause I jumped like an idiot, but still a crazy experience.




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