Wild Fire

1. After a good amount of time considering which element I associate with, it’s still difficult to choose because I have qualities found in all four of them. The one that I share the most values with would definitely be the element of fire. Personally, I become extremely passionate about ideas or causes that attract me most; rebellious to the ones that don’t; brave and valiant when I am needed most in certain situations; energetic and enthusiastic when I am with my close friends or relatives. Born in late July, I share the astrological sign of the Leo, which holds the deepest traits of the fire element. During eventful nights with friends at a bonfire or with my family upstate where the night is most dark, a man-made campfire not only drives away the nervous feeling of darkness, but also makes you appreciate how beautiful nature can be, even at times when you can’t see anything. Yes, I can easily say a favored place for me would be the pool, woods, or even on a plane traveling with close ones, but a setting that can get me in the best of moods is right in my own home, where the element of fire dominantly settles. Here, the light in the ceiling, television, computer, lamps, and the window pane all derive from fire. The quality home-cooked meals that my mother makes are nine times out of ten heated, whether it is the barbeque out back, the microwave, stove or oven in the kitchen. Though it may not seem like it, all the electricity used to power our phones, videogames, or any other electrical devices all stem from a spark of fire. Even the guns my father and I use to hunt – and even in a bad situation defend ourselves – has the ability to FIRE because of a spark inside the gun that triggers the bullet to shoot, hence the term firepower, which is mentioned in the textbook.

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3. Going on with our day-to-day lives, we often – if not all the time – take these four fundamental elements for granted. Water is essential to keep ourselves hydrated and physically able, as well as clean. Earth gives us a foundation to grow not only ourselves but vast civilizations and nations. Fire lights even the darkest places of our lives, provides us warmth during the harshest of winters, and allows us to cook different foods in order to keep ourselves both alive and nourished. Fourthly, air feeds us breath and enables us to see our surroundings. Though this may show differences between what the elements provide us, they do tend to connect in natural ways, most of the time inside the earth. Below the earth is where the heated core of magma and lava exists, above earth is where the layered air breezes, and all around earth water can be found flowing. One of the things that’s most intriguing about these four elements is how they associate with a number of religions. Most of the time, these four elements are symbols for certain aspects of religious beliefs. For example, earth symbolizes a sort of beginning and end of our life cycle, in which we are both born from and laid to rest in the earth. Water symbolizes a way of cleansing your wrongs, i.e. Children are baptized in order to cleanse away their sins. Air represents the home of the gods or God, in which they live in the heavens and made the earth for us to live on. Fire can represent, in a positive sense, our soul, which gives us passion, energy, and vivid feeling, which are qualities fire itself owns. In a negative aspect, fire can symbolize eternal pain and punishment, just like Hell is considered to give in the religion of Christianity. With this in mind, not only should we deeply appreciate these necessary elements, but try to learn as much as possible about them. If they provide our world this much, there is a possibility that we haven’t found their ultimate potential.


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  1. rcleary says:

    I liked the vivid imagery you gave when you related fire to the parts of your everyday life, both how they relate directly, but indirectly. The unifying of each element in religion was an interesting afterthought as well. I’ve realized these things subconsciously, but clearly stating them has made me realize almost all religions have some sort of connection to all of the elements.

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