Water Pollution

Since I did not get a chance to share what I found during my research in class, I thought I would write a little bit here. I did my research paper on water pollution of the Long Island Sound. I found that this is a very serious problem that many people don’t even realize, even though it is so close to home for us. The Long Island Sound was actually formed by the melting of glaciers. Once the surrounding land was uncovered, Native Americans began inhabiting the area. Once European settlers took over, they significantly impacted the environment. With the industrialization and urbanization of Long Island and Connecticut, the Sound has gotten more and more polluted over time.
Some of the forms of pollution include:
1. Large amounts of nutrients overtaking the water, causing a decrease in the amount of oxygen and sunlight, effecting various lifeforms in the water.
2. Erosion and sedimentation that contributes to a decrease in sunlight, causing plants to be able to go through the process of photosynthesis less efficiently.
3. Littering, runoff, and other sources that cause things that do not belong in the Sound to enter.
Al Gore believes that humans have formed a “dysfunctional civilization” in which they have become addicted to consumption. Because of this, they care only about taking more and more from the world around them, rather than about how to care for the environment, and then pass these bad habits on to future generations. To solve this, everyone needs to work alongside the various agencies and laws that have been enacted to help protect the environment, especially the Long Island Sound.
Overall, humans have become so disconnected from nature that they have forgotten the importance of protecting our environment. Water pollution is a very serious problem in the Long Island Sound and, in order to reverse or at least slow the process, everyone needs to make an effort to conserve water and reduce pollution.

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2 Responses to Water Pollution

  1. wcturgeon says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Elizabeth. Gore clearly calls for a radical shift in our attitudes, beliefs, and practices towards the environment.

    • ekidney says:

      Yes, he believes we need to create a “new central organizing principle for civilization” revolving around the environment, so that everyone will bring some attention to the environment. He compares this to how people around the world organized around a central idea to destroy communism. With a focus on the environment, we can be more successful in protection and conservation of the natural world.

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