Warm and Cold Personalities

Have you ever heard a friend  comment about how someone gave them the cold shoulder, or that their “frozen heart,” was melted by someone special or a random act of kindness? Warmth and coldness are not only sensations that you can physically feel but also a way to describe one’s personality. Upon meeting and getting to know someone it often becomes quite easy to identify whether that person has a warm and friendly or cold and distant personality. Those with what is classified as a “warm” personality are often considered to be,as perviously stated, very friendly, approachable people who make those around them feel comfortable.  People with a “cold” personality on the contrary, are typically classified as those who are distant, untrusting, and “cold hearted” meaning that they offer little sympathy and emotion, while also lacking affection and warmth. Like snow or ice, those with a “cold” personality are often frigid in their emotions, sometimes bitter and unapproachable.

The sensation of warmth and cold itself leads to associations  with someones personality.  As Macauley states, if you “hand a stranger a glass of cold water and when someone asks her a few minutes later what she thought of you, she will likely associate subconsciously the coldness with your personality.   Touch an individual warmly on the shoulder, and he will probably transfer this warmth to your person and think of you in a more positive light.” (Macauley 201) Similarly, if you take a warm shower or eat some hot soup on a cold day, it is comforting but also makes you feel happier  and more friendly overall.

Again to end with a quote:

If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.”

~  Lucy Larcom

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