Untouchable, Yet Unavoidable

Ever wonder how little control we have over ourselves? Although we may think we have power over our thoughts and emotions, the reality is that our personality, mood, and even our actions are largely influenced by our surroundings. We cannot help but be influenced by the environment we surround ourselves in.

Clouds, in particular, are determiners of our mood. Dark, heavy clouds make us feel sad or sluggish. Meanwhile, white, puffy clouds have the ability to lift our spirits and make us feel happy. It is interesting to think that our mood on a particular ay is out of our control. This has a rippling effect as our mood influences our actions, and of course, each action we make affects the next. What if we were in control of the sky and clouds? What if every day we chose to display white, puffy clouds in the sky? Would we experience a more positive life, or would we gradually become immune to the beauty of the clouds?

When I was younger, I used to stare out the backseat window of my car and look up at the huge clouds. I can relate to McCauley when he spoke about trying to create an image out of the massive, white, puffy objects. I played this imaginative game often when I was younger, but the clouds were not just a game for me. Looking up into the sky made me wonder about Heaven and what it is like. I always believed that Heaven was just above the clouds and that when I died there would be a huge gate on top of the clouds as an entrance into paradise. The white clouds symbolized a place of perfection–no sorrow, no sickness, no problems. There is a purity about white clouds in the sky. Also, the fact that clouds are high up and essentially untouchable made me believe that when I go up there someday, I, too, would be untouchable and that nothing could hold me back or stop me from what I wanted to do. Clouds not only spur our imagination but commonly bring about religious thoughts about God or a higher purpose in life. I always had these thoughts as a child, and I still do! It is unavoidable to me to think about how much bigger this earth is than I am, and little I know in comparison to how long the earth and sky has been here.

Clouds are more directly involved in our lives than we may think. They influence our mood and actions as well as our thoughts about religion and Heaven. I also find clouds very symbolic in that they are white which symbolizes purity and perfection, in addition to the idea that they are high up and “untouchable”, symbolizing freedom from obstacles or hardship. Finally, I believe that the following quote sums up my ideas on clouds and their influence on us as human beings: “They are celestial Clouds, the patron goddesses of the layabout. From them come our intelligence, our dialect, and 0ur reason” (Aristophanes, The Clouds).

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  1. wcturgeon says:

    What a lovely quote from Aristophanes. In a way he is praising the dreamer or the ‘time waster’ as ultimately leading to our ‘intelligence, dialect, reason.” Worth thinking about in a world which constantly stresses how we must always be busy and doing something.

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