The Elements

In general I think the elements impact lives in a way people disregard in everyday life. At the beginning of this course, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air were the only elements I considered I would learn about. The elements are more in depth than that. Stone, Clouds, Wood are just a few of the other elements around us. I think that all these elements around us impact who we are as people. I think that without certain ones we could not be who we are. I think their needs to be a more appreciation for the land around us.

As in the Land Ethic, Leopold shows that the land is so much more important to us and we are not taking care of it. The land and elements around us are over used and not preserved. Soon  we may not be able to have all that we have.

Chapter 7, especially noting bottled water. We take the natural way water is in nature and transform their shape and chemicals. We add different things to preserve it, but the pure water is the most beneficial to us. We take out natural elements and transform them to what we think is right. But is it really right? The nature way elements are, are them at the best form.

I think that the elements are the same significance as anything else in our lives, and we need to appreciate it in order to live the most beneficial lives.


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