The Domestication of the Elements

Since modern times we have struggled to master nature around us.  We pull strings.  Occasionally nature reminds us that our hold on her is tenuous at best: Superstorm Sandy on the East Coast of the United States, Katrina and the more recent hurricanes that savaged the gulf coast states, the fires out West,  and perhaps the typhoon that decimated the Philippines in November 2013, among many other reminders.  And yet, we continue to work towards creating nature 2.0; a better version of that which is on its own.  Of course, we have also transformed nature through our oft unintended carelessness, always assuming that Nature will pick up after us.

Here are some images mentioned in Macauley’s chapter seven.  Can you identify them?

c_hydroelectric_plant Columbia_River_Gorge-738628 Edgar-Degas-Bather-by-the-Water-Oil-Painting fallingwater-2 Fontana-del-Moro niagara3 Tivoli-organ-fountain-close-as-m5-as-m5 trevi_fountain_rome_italy-normal OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAingres-turkishbath

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