Stone abides.  It instantiates the solidity of the earth underneath our feet.  It endures.  Or does it too evolve and change into something else?  The following images represent some of the examples that you will find discussed in Macauley’s interstice on Stone.  Chose an image to offer a comment upon.  What does stone connote to you?




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  1. rcleary says:

    One picture that caught my eye immediately was that of the Kaaba (the giant cube thing with people walking around it). I watched a documentary on the Hajj from the perspective of an American woman who converted to Islam. This Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca to meet this stone monument is beautiful. To see people from literally all over the world gathering to come to this one site, the holiest site to Muslims, is amazing. You don’t really see people from many other religions make a gathering this big.

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