Soul Of Ice

Ice and snow has a great impact on emotions. When it is cold people usually become more calm and content. They become deeper in thought and reflect on their life. The video depicts how snow and ice can be cold, harsh, and intense.

From the most personal standpoint, ice and snow do effect my emotions. Due to my hypothermia in middle school my body temperature is lower than average. I therefor get cold a lot more easier. When I am cold, I become more intrusive and do no wish to speak as much as I usually do. According to my dad, I hibernate in the winter as I do not like to leave the confines of my warm bed.

I think it is the absence of moving that makes ice associated with coldness. In science at absolute 0, there are absolute no moving particles. In cold temperatures people are less active, because they’re body can almost be constricted in moving.

I think as the video shows, ice and coldness has an intensity to stop things from moving and alter the way things are.



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