Sam Goes to Mattituck

Sam and I had an excellent time together, starting our photo collection as soon as I brought him home on Thursday. Although many moments weren’t documented, I tried to take snaps of Sam as often as I could. Our weekend was very busy–luckily I had Sam, who helped me both at work on Saturday at our local library (where the staff got very creative with some pictures and are considering their own pet rock project for the children’s room), and as my accompaniment very early in the morning for the final ride on my family’s boat before taking it out of the water for winter. We spent the rest of the weekend studying, relaxing, and enjoying the sunshine. I had lots of fun with Sam, and perhaps an equally as fun time explaining to others why I was carrying around a leashed rock. See below for a very detailed timeline! 🙂


Sam and I experimenting with light and melatonin levels

Sam and I experimenting with light and melatonin levels

IMG_2230 IMG_2231 IMG_2232 IMG_2233



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