Reaction to Wood

When I had heard our next reading was on wood, my expectations weren’t exactly high, but I actually found this reading to be rather interesting. My initial reaction was actually similar to how I felt about reading about stone, but once again I was surprised how much more there was to the subject.

I found stone to be pretty similar to wood in that both can be a tad dull on the outside, but hold fascinating mysteries on the inside. However, unlike stone, people are much more drawn to the mysteries within the woods. From hearing fairy tales during our childhood to watching horror movies today, we have it instilled in us that there is something to be found in the woods; it could be magical, or it could be horrifying, but there is definitely something to be discovered. Even within a tree itself, there are stories within it. When we had watched that video in class, I found it really interesting how cutting through a tree was described as cutting through decades of history. A tree, with its internal rings marking its age, has so much history to it, and when multiple trees come together, they form a forest of secrets and wonder.


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