Reaction to Snow and Ice: Frosty Returns

“Snow and ice are able to still the land and silence a busy street,temporarily calming the noisy machinery of our technological society.”

Snow is a beautiful thing. Even people who hate the cold can’t deny the simplistic beauty of a landscape covered in a fresh, untouched layer of white snow. People (primarily students and children) will pray for snow, and even do “snow dances” or other silly rituals in hopes of a nice, big snow storm. Snow is pretty to look at, fun to play in, and can even give us a day off of school to relax and catch up on assignments.

But, eventually, the fun runs out. The once white, fresh snow is now touched, dirtied, and made “ugly”. It is now brown slush, and just a hassle for people to deal with. People have to shovel and break out the snow blowers to get out of there houses and return to their normal lives: work, school, etc. What was once good has now become bad and ugly, and a danger to drive in.

Snow and ice may be able to still the land and silence a busy street, but this is a temporary power. After awhile, whether it be a day, a few hours, or even a matter of minutes, people will be frantically trying to get rid of the snow to get on with their schedules. The one thing I thought of while reading this Interstice was the (I believe) sequel to Frosty the Snowman: Frosty Returns. Particularly, the song “Let There Be Snow” comes to mind. As a kid, I loved playing in snow and completely agreed with the children’s protests of that spray that got rid of all the snow. I found the adults in the movie to be grumpy and horrible for promoting this spray, but I have now become one of them. Sure, a snow day here and there would still be nice, but shoveling and driving through the snow most certainly is not. Last winter was my first time driving myself around to work and school with snow and ice on the ground, and I did not enjoy it one bit. We all disliked the adults in Frosty Returns- they were the clear “bad guys” of the movie- but, we grow to become them. Our opinions of snow change as we age, and I find this shows signs of maturation and stepping out of our childhood. When we are little, we only see the positives of snow: snowball fights, hot chocolate, and no school. As we mature, we are able to see the ugly side of snow as well (and more so). I believe this reflects our change of outlook on the world as a whole, as we lose our innocent perspective with age and grow to see the terrible things/people around us.

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  1. wcturgeon says:

    I have to agree. For children snow is magical and as adults we too often see it only as a backache waiting to happen. Having children one can regain that view of the world that children own where nature is magical.

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