Reaction to Heat and Cold: Heat Miser and Snow Miser

While there are people who love summer and people who love winter, we generally tend to hate the extreme weather conditions. On the hottest summer day, many of us beg for winter to come, and once it does, we find ourselves begging for summer to come back. We’re either blasting the heat or blasting the air-conditioner in search of a more stable temperature, or at least whatever the perfect temperature for us may be. And when it comes to that, we are all a little different. One of my mangers in the store I work in is always cold, even in the summer, and refuses to turn on the AC and blasts the heat all the time; as someone who is much better with the cold than the heat, it is not enjoyable to work with her. But in general, I feel most people prefer Spring and Fall weather to Summer or Winter because they provide a happy medium: not too hot, not too cold.

November just started, but I guess you could say I’ve got Christmas on my mind. Not trying to be redundant continuing off my previous post on Frosty Returns, but the first thing that came to mind when I read the title of this interstice was Snow Miser and Heat Miser. In fact, the Mr. Snow Miser/Mr. Heat Miser song was stuck in my head throughout the majority of this reading, and is again now that I bring it up. But I digress.

(If you are not getting my reference, I am referring to the movies “The Year Without a Santa Claus” and “A Miser’s Brothers Christmas”.)

heat and cold pic

Separately, the two brothers/enemies are pretty awful. Snow Miser has the ability to freeze anything, and Heat Miser the ability to melt anything in his touch. Both of these powers are pretty intimidating and scary. When the two fight, throwing ice rays and fireballs in each others direction, it creates dangerous situations for the weather and for the people around them. In fact, in “A Miser’s Brothers Christmas”, the two find out that they had consecutively made the ‘naughty list’ since birth, due to their bickering.

Now it may sound like I am just summarizing some children’s Christmas movies, but I do have a connection here. Separately, the Snow and Heat Miser are pretty bad, but together they can do great things, like save Christmas. I believe this reflects our views toward heat and cold; it isn’t the most positive one. We have a hard time dealing with the extremities of weather conditions. We don’t want to be cold, but we don’t want to be hot either; we want to be warm, or cool. And these feelings towards temperature are reflected in the villainous characterization of the Miser Brothers; separately they are bad guys, and can only do good when working together cooperatively, creating a happy, warm/cool medium.

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