I see a bunny


I see a bunny in those clouds, well I see a cloud. Clouds are our own Rorschach tests we give ourselves.

Has anyone ever been so lost in their own thoughts they need an answer form anything?

Usually we look for signs in our world to help guide us to the answers we want. Freud would use Rorschach tests to help the person understand what is going on in their brain. If someone sees a motherly figure in a picture of nothingness, usually that meant in their subconscious mind there mom was engulfing their cognition.

So, in cloud we can find things that help us see what we are thinking inside of our minds. My father and I when I was little used to like to look up to see what we saw in the clouds. I remember I would find the most abstract things in the swirls of a cloud. To him, he saw this as me being able to think outside of the “box” and which is why he saw me as a teacher. From how I saw different things he said he could tell I would able to think beyond others minds and help guide them to see different things.

From clouds, they are above us to help us think above what we usually do.


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X marks the spot

The sun light glistens throughout the morning day. Light gives goodness, beauty, enlightens knowledge. As in Plato’s Allegory to the Cave light gives the imprisoned soul insight.

A lighthouse. It is something that stands above all other grounds. It stands out from the ocean view. It is something beautiful people flock to see, but also essential for boaters. In the dark of night boaters are unable to see the rocks of the shores. Even the most skilled captains cannot navigate the waters in darkness. The shine of a lighthouse not only shows land, but also the terrain of the water to the land. Light is what guides people to their destination.


But also, light gives people the destination to insight in their life. When people shed light on things,  they give the true meaning. Light shows the things that cannot be seen. When people are int he dark they are unable to see all the things around them, therefor not fully to understand the situation. If someone cannot understand the true meaning of things, they are lost and confused. Light gives people the eligibility to understand their life and find their destination to their problems.

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Look up at the Stars


Space, it is a concept that people understand, yet does anyone know what it really is?

Take a clear summer night on the water. Over on fire island once the sunsets, there is barely any sun pollution to alter the sky’s beauty. It is very common to see people sitting upon the dock gazing at the stars. The stillness of the night causes anyone to think deeper than they’re everyday life.

So, when looking up at space what do we actually see? We see leptons, wormholes, bosons, quarks, etc. but do we actually understand what we look at?

I think space in itself depicts how ambiguous life can be. We think we understand it at face value by what we see, but in essence there are more deeper areas we cannot even comprehend. I think space being an analogy for our lives can explain how to understand others and our own problems.

I think by using the constellations we find answers in our own problems, but constellations are just what our imagination can see according to Maculley. SO, as humans look for insight into themselves they look outward at the sky. People are able to find there inner thoughts from the outside worlds.


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