My Week with Sam Geodude

Well boy oh boy did Sam and I have a jam packed weekend, that has seem to extended into a week long adventure, we traveled, went new places tried new food, and dealt with an emotional roller coaster of events.

Our adeventure together started Thursday night when Sam went on his first Princessing gig with me. we had a lot of fun traveling together and getting ready.

IMG_1532[1] IMG_1533[1]


He didn’t quite seem to understand however when I went away and he was with my very good friend Princess Anna (we talked about character integrity and it was all cleared up in the end)

IMG_1535[1] IMG_1536[1] IMG_1537[1]

Sam decided he wanted to be a character too, so he decided he was one of the love trolls from frozen and he enjoyed getting in on the act.  After we left the event and said goodbye to my friend Anna, we quickly drove back home to pack because tomorrow we were heading out bright and early for the most magical place on earth: Walt Disney World.

IMG_1539[1] IMG_1540[1]


We got to the airport and neither of us had any problem going through security, and then onto the flight for yet another eventful adventure.

IMG_1544[1] IMG_1545[1]

On the flight a man had a heart attack while we were in the air, lucky for him we had cardiologist, 2 nurses, an EMT, and a police officer on board, while the stewards were tending to the emergency Sam and I stepped up to the plate to hand out drinks and snacks to the rest of the passengers.

Then we landed safely in Orlando and made our way to the magical express to take us to our hotel, where Sam discovered that my favorite view is also one of his.

IMG_1546[1] IMG_1634[1]


Sam thought the Wilderness Lodge was absolutely beautiful, and as many times as I’ve stayed there, I still catch my breath walking through the doors to that view.

After checking in we went up to our room to get settled and ready for that night’s exciting event, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Once again same was a little confused when I walked into the bathroom and my friend Belle walked out but then he remembered character integrity and all was good.  Sam was little shy that night and stayed in Belle’s basket because he was afraid of all the people, but he wanted me to post pictures from that night so here is Sam and belle sitting by the fountain recreating a scene from  BATB and also enjoying a belle teaparty, here Sam sat on the plate and he’s a little disappointed that he wasn’t able to be seen by the camera.


We also met Rapunzel who said sam was just like her friend Pascal as well as Cinderella, Anna and Elsa.  We rode many rides and had a great time together.

The next morning it was up bright and early for a day in EPCOT, I dressed in the style of ariel (she was originally supposed to be blonde) and Sam and I had to take a cute photo to start the day.



we had great fun we learned a lot at all the educational areas about things like biodiversity, living with our earth, and even how to budget smarter to afford the things we want in life, for Sam it was a cool new bedroom, for me it was budgeting towards the big move I want to make.

After that we headed back to World Showcase where we explored different cultures through their food because it was EPCOT’s food and wine festival. The different foods and flavors were great and Sam and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  We also met with a favorite princess of mine, now the pictures haven’t come yet but expect an update because Sam had his own little shoot with her but for now here’s one picture and yes Sam is in my hand.


After being too tired to do anything else we headed back to the hotel to rest get some food, and then it was off to Downtown Disney, for shopping and to meet up with one of my very good friends Dan, who’s very good friends with Gaston (think character integrity), to catch up.  Now Sam didn’t want to be in any of the pictures but he very much enjoyed the house of blues, and he says he had a great time.

Now it comes to our last real day in Disney and back to my favorite place magic Kingdom but not before some breakfast


I didn’t realize till now that Sam was hiding in this picture, however he too enjoyed the Mickey Waffles with whipped cream and strawberries.

Now my phone died shortly after getting to the park so I don’t have pictures of Sam meeting Merida, Peter Pan, Mickey, and Tinker Bell.  However Sam is quite disappointed that I forgot to take him out when we went to see Gaston.  He says I got too caught up the act but he was in my wristlet so he claims he’s kind of in the picturesIMG_1726[1] IMG_1727[1]

Once I have the professional pictures I’ll update   and hopefully there will be some with Sam actually in it, he says I need to pull myself together I I’m acting like of the Bimbettes.  Then we finished out our day by watching wishes with my friend again and waving goodbye to the castle and my favorite view in the world.

Sam and I woke up the next day and flew home to New York, where we landed got home quickly and immediately got home and left to come to school so I could make it Philosophy and not have to miss anything.

All was smooth sailing until I found out some news that I would have preferred not to get.  I was unfortunately not selected to participate in the disney internship come spring, but after a few minutes of sadness Sam helped me cheer up by reminding me its all for the best.


after that it’s been business as usual for me and Sam, we had a lot of fun together and experienced alot, I hope you enjoyed reading about my time with Sam, and I can’t to see where his adventures take him next.

Until Next Time, Peace, love, and pixie dust

~Sam and Kaleigh






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  1. wcturgeon says:

    Kaleigh, wonderful story! Scary about the man having the heart attack but how great that you helped out. I know you will make the cut next time. Keep trying!

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